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Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes


After a regular day of work at his café, Katō hears his computer screen talking to him, and is met with a bewildering sight—it’s another version of himself, but from two minutes into the future!

Junk Head

Junk Head

In a distant, dystopian future, the earth has become uninhabitable and humans have lost their ability to procreate. The protagonist, a lone cyborg explorer, is sent on a mission underground to uncover the secrets of the Marigans–a super artificial life-form with incredible reproductive capabilities.

Satoshi Kon: The Illusionist

夢みる人 今敏

Ten years after his untimely passing, this moving documentary honours the life and work of Satoshi Kon (1963–2010).

True Mothers


Well-to-do couple Satoko and Kiyokazu seem to have it all. But in reality the pair yearn for a child of their own yet struggle to conceive. Almost at the point of defeat, they are presented with one last ray of hope.

Last of the Wolves

孤狼の血 Level 2

After police detective Shōgo Ōgami’s death in Hiroshima, his protégé detective Shūichi Hioka is left to keep the yakuza gangs in check. With the help of his informant Chinta, countless lives have been spared from the violence of gang wars. But this complex equilibrium is suddenly in jeopardy when the sadistic gangster Uebayashi is released from prison. ⁠

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy


Directed by Ryūsuke Hamaguchi, this trilogy brings together three short stories with no apparent connection, describing intimate slices of life as seen through the eyes of modern Japanese women.